Physical Survey Services

Physical survey is the most basic type of property survey. It simply retraces the original property lines. Physical survey should include the location of creeks, streams, wet weather ditches, lakes, overhead power lines, existing fencing and other natural and man made features .

Physical Survey

Physical Survey is a survey of your property that shows the existing condition and improvements. If your property has been surveyed in the past, it is possible that there may be a plat recorded in the courthouse. Often times, these previously recorded plats do not show all information about your property like recent changes. If there has been an addition, new driveway, sidewalk, shed, garage or any change to the property, the recorded plat will not reflect this.

Physical Survey— why doesn’t the Bank, Mortgage/Lender company request one?

Simply put, they insure themselves against any future problems that arise due to no survey being done prior to purchase.