Topographical Survey Services

Topographical Survey works are done with latest Electronic Total Station machines. Lands, Buildings, Roads, Bridges etc. are covered on all terrains Photogrammetric surface modelling can provide a useful means of rapidly mapping the topography of steep or vertical faces from a safe distance.

The purpose of a Topographical Survey is to collect survey data about the natural as well as man-made features of land, and it's elevations. From this information we can make a three dimensional map.

Land Survey

With our distinction in the field of Land Survey, we engaged in rendering top quality survey services in the field of Topographical & Topographic Land Survey Works (Contour Survey). Conducting this survey, we accurately depict topographical features, spot levels, contours and services details of development works of sewer lines, water supply lines and storm water drains. The land survey services offered by us include several types of surveys applicable to various distinctive field such as:

  • Gas and Oil Pipe Line
  • City Survey
  • Geodetic Surveying Hydraulic Power Projects
  • Public Health Water Supply & Sewer Lines
  • Thermal power Projects
  • Hydro-graphic Survey
  • Town Planning
  • Hydro-graphic Survey
  • Thermal power Projects
  • Hydro-graphic Survey

Road Survey

Our highly trained and equipped team of professional researcher's is instrumental in conducting Road, Route Surveys that aid in determining the condition of pavement sub layers & location of any potentially dangerous voids. They prepare extremely authentic and reliable research report, which finds usage in utility mapping of position & depth of various utilities, including PVC and fiber optic. This survey is highly capable in eliminating the requirement of road closures.

Contour Survey

 Contour Survey examines the weather and atmospheric conditions around the concerned land and passes vital information. Our survey is the system of connecting isopleths lines that depict several weather related integrals. Isopleths stands for equal valued lines and this data is measured in account from the weather stations. Our solutions includes important measurements to forecast the weather's moisture content, winds, clouds, fog, precipitation, pressure and temperature. These measurements predict the future atmospheric traits.